A book for all ages in the spirit of vintage coffee-table photo books

of the 60s, 70s & 80s, scaled down to a comfortable 8" x 8"

you can fit in your life and give as a gift.

I loved those too-big-for-any-reasonable-shelf books and their beautiful visuals of space, or birds or distant landscapes.  An object of fascination, rather than a comprehensive tome.  The type that spark an initial interest in a broader subject that can be explored for a lifetime.

I hope the book makes people look with more interest and detail at the world immediately around them, as well as at the geology of our planet; it is essentially integrated with every aspect of our lives, including the carbon cycle regulating our climate.

Detailed information regarding minerals is freely available online at amazing open-source locations like www.mindat.org.

Mineralia: Rock, Mineral & Fossil Photography

Sturdy square bound softcover, contains 25 large,

detailed prints on double-thick art vellum paper, printed in the USA.  

$55, shipped within the US.  Allow two weeks for delivery.

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This helps save on shipping, packing materials

& decrease our overall carbon output.

Get one or give one, you just might start something.

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