Get one or give one, you just might start something.

"I absolutely love this Mineral Matching Game. . . .close ups of

the crystals on these cards are quite breathtaking. . .

I will definitely be using these cards for other creative exercises . . .

in adult settings and my art classes with children. . . While they are

very sophisticated, they easily transition from the very young to

the young at heart."  - Sharee - Apr 20, 2020 

"Playing the wonderful memory game from Studio Mineralia! I'm getting pretty good at winning, he's getting really  good at minerals he didn't

used to know!" - TiredCheeseStick · Apr 3, 2020

Basic rules are simple, or create your own game.

Geology is Earth Art!  You will love this memory

building activity featuring beautiful natural minerals. 

All Ages! Adults and kids dig it!

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