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In pursuit of our goal of the discovery, elevation and sharing of unique,

beautiful and inspiring examples of the Earth's art, Studio Mineralia

has amassed an astonishing collection of exceptional, 

rock, mineral and fossil specimens from around our planet. 

It is our pleasure to document parts of The Mineralia Collection for the world.

Select pieces available.

All video associated with these pieces will remain online to facilitate future exploration. 

Primary minerals: Quartz

Secondary minerals: Minor Calcite

Dimensions: 3 cm tall, 1 cm wide

Location: Jeffrey Quarry, Jeffrey, Pulaski Co., Arkansas, USA

Details & Highlights: Rock Currier Collection No. 3818 

What appears to me a tether to the underworld is actually thread that connects to a small yellow circular specimen label, a signature identifier of many smaller pieces in the Rock H. Currier Collection. It makes an occasional facet pop yellow at the right angle. I enjoy this expression of the simultaneity of presence and absence, a tribute to the extended influence of work done well and with sincere passion on future people that may never have had the opportunity to know its initial creator. People like Rock H. Currier, R.A. (Allan Lang) Langheinrich and K.C. Pandey who found ways to embrace their love for rocks, minerals and fossils and share their life's work with the world.

Studio Mineralia Private Collection

Give one or get one, you just might start something.

Primary minerals: Heulandite and Blue Chalcedony

Matrix: Basalt 

Dimensions: 6"x8" total matrix size, 'large cabinet'

Location: Maharashtra, India

Year of discovery: 2018

Details & Highlights: Two windows provide ample light in this airy blue Chalcedony geode containing a single Heulandite crystal of exceptional  termination and clarity

A 1 in 10,000 piece.  Private Collection

Get one or give one, you just might start something.

Primary minerals: Amethyst

Secondary minerals: Hematite

Dimensions: 2.5"x3.5" total size, main crystal ~2 inches

Location: Purple 💜 Mine, South Carolina, USA

Year of discovery: 2018

Details & Highlights: Hematite-included over-hyphenated Amethyst A spectacular piece of double-terminated Hematite-included over-hyphenated Amethyst on matrix from a legendary pocket at the Purple 💜 Mine. This private location in South Carolina was the spot Bryan Major @thecrystalcollector discovered a huge pocket of stunning, lustrous, museum-grade amethyst with nail polish red splashes of Hematite. Note the phantom growth visible in each crystal in the video. Studio Mineralia was lucky enough to be there when it made its public debut and procured this directly from Bryan. 

Studio Mineralia Private Collection

Get one or give one, you just might start something.

Primary minerals: Hematite-coated Apophyllite and Stilbite

Matrix: Floater

Dimensions: 3"x4" total size, 'large cabinet'

Location: Maharashtra, India

Year of discovery: 2018

Details & Highlights: The Hematite coats only half of this strikingly unique,

free-standing Apophyllite and Stilbite from Maharashtra, India.

The Hematite gives an indication of orientation during  and after the process of crystallization which is uncommon in a matrix-free 'floater' like this.

A truly unique piece of our planet, nicknamed 'Q-Bert'

Private Collection